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Social Media Marketing success is founded on social media engagement. Unlike broadcast advertising and direct marketing, it's not enough to plan what you are going to say and do, you have to predict what your social community will comment on and share. Thus, there is a need of online marketing in today’s world. Media marketing company thus becomes a prime importance.

You have to inspire social media engagement. Strengthen your customer and community relationships by engaging more personally on behalf of your brands.Turn conversations into customers and customers into brand advocates through deeper social media engagement.

The Sdaemon Solution

We are social media connoisseur. We boast of a team that has the taste and the knack for cherry picking relevant social media platforms that will improve your bottomline. Our social media team track the rhythms of the ever fluctuating webscape to better understand the emerging trends and how they can be joined into your marketing mix to effectively engage with your audiences.


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LinkedIn profile management

Almost every business can benefit from social media marketing services. While most companies know they should be using social media to market their business, they don’t know what networks to invest in—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.—or how much, and that’s where our social media management services step in. Sdaemon Infotech Pvt. Ltd social media management and advertising services remove the complexity of social media for business owners and let you stick to what you know best—running your business!

Search Engine Optimization

Seo Services Company in Pune India

Today is the world of competition in all sectors of business. Even the internet has become a place of competition where people promote their business and eventually make the business growth and brand.

One of the basic steps which people start with is the website development.But to make the website get hitted on internet and more lead to be generated for the business via internet is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO plays a vital role in Internet or Online marketing services.Whenever a 3rd person Google for any kind of services/products you find many websites coming on Google page & which might make your website as invisible. Here, is where an SEO Company can help you out with these services to bring your website on top & make it visible to your end users. Sdaemon Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an SEO Company based in Pune, India.

Following are the services we provide n


On-Page Optimization


Off-Page Optimization


SEO Content Strategy


Blacklink Building


Website Architecture Optimization


Content Marketing


Website Health Analysis


Mobile Optimization


Page Load Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

SEM Services Company in Pune India

People use the search engines to look for the information they need. These search engines look up all the content available on the internet and present lists of the relevant information. In fact if you enter a few words as the search words, then the search engine will show all the results that have either of those words. So basically what happens is the search engines do a mechanical search and show results that match the search. This feature is utilized by the marketing companies and they create content for the website that needs to be marketed.

Advantages of Search Engine Marketing over other Digital Marketing Services


Provide Immediate Results

SEM doesn't take a long time to push your website at the top. Once you set up and activate the campaign you will start seeing results immediately


Only Pay for what you Get

It offers complete value for money. You need to pay only when someone clicks on your ads.


Able to understand your Audience

Here you can target the right audience irrespective of locations, languages, interest or device used.


Help to get more Conversions

With help of SEM, conversion rates becomes easy and fast with result oriented approaches.


Can Control and Manage

It offers a high level of control over your ads. So, you can judge your best performing ads and manage accordingly.


Take a Business to a New Level

Search engine marketing service attract a number of visitors towards websites which are on the first page of Google i.e high ranking websites. SEM is a great investment for every business and it helps the company to take it's business to the next level.

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